GLMMS LLC consists of the following members:

Ashley Buss

A former submariner consultant with the Royal Navy, he now specializes in document imaging solutions, especially those that are large format. He is also a proficient software developer and has created a number of useful utilities for scanning projects and document management. He has lived and worked at several locations in the United States, and until recently was the managing director for the US operations of a United Kingdom company called ColorTrak. He now heads his own consulting practice call The Raster Shop, and is an active Master Mason in several Colorado Lodges as well as in the United Grand Lodge of England.

Bruce Quackenbush

An independent website developer who has spent over fifteen years developing websites using both Linux technology and Microsoft technology, he has lived and worked in Colorado for many years. His contribution to GLMMS is the Lodge Secretary Database, which is based on Microsoft's .NET technology, and he continues to enhance it to provide more capability to both the Grand Lodges and the individual Blue Lodge Secretaries.

Wendell Bell

Retired from Bell Laboratories management team for international office telephone systems group in 1989 and began a consulting practice based on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. With the introduction of Microsoft Access as a part of the Office package, the practice began focusing on database design, development and maintenance in small businesses, and the integration of the database with Office tools. Has continued to apply his management skills and experience to small businesses since then, and has assisted numerous clients in Colorado. He also serves as a moderator on the Windows Secrets Lounge, and is a member of Nevada Lodge #4 in Nevadaville, Colorado.